Founded 1st of December in the year 2015, Saint Valentine's vzw is a none for profit organization engaged in social and sports events in order to raise funds for humanitarian and material help for the less privileged in Nigeria, mainly children. To have a balanced world we must build every community, every city, every state, every country, for the survival of humanity lies in the hand of unity, understanding, peace and love . At Saint Valentines vzw, we are on a mission to add to the already lifted hands making the world a better place, creating opportunities for the less-privileged, putting a surprise smile on a child's face, providing people with a reason to look up to a brighter future.

Our events are unique and stands out. First step to our events is to create an exclusive project concept and how to carry out the project with 100% security. We do our best to ensure our events visitors enjoy every moment of our event. Click on Events to see our upcoming events. Saint Valentines vzw urge  you to support us as we strive towards a better world and bring you outstanding events.

Saint Valentines vzw point of charity is Nigeria because the mentor and brain behind Saint Valentines vzw was born in Nigeria, son of an accountant/business-man and a civil servant. In Nigeria we know our way, we know how and where to reach the people who really need it, this is why our focus is Nigeria (We did like to bring humanitarian help to other poor countries but we wouldn't know where to start)

Saint Valentines vzw is a honest and legitimate organization with tax number (VAT nr) BTW: 0644.481.064  registered in Belgium, in the east Flanders provincial. Our mission has already been stated, follow and support us, as we realize it all.

At Saint Valentine vzw we make the conscious decision to send as little things as possible overseas to Nigeria and aim to purchase a maximum in products locally. The reason for this is an often little known fact: The shipping of clothes, books, etc to Africa actually does more harm than good, as the impact of this has a devastating effect on local economies. It becomes impossible for small retailers to sell their own products, for they can’t compete with “free” overseas supplies. And precisely these retailers form the heart of the economy. So by rather raising money through Saint Valentine and then buying the needed products locally, we kill two birds with one stone: The purchase of highly needed materials for young students who can’t afford these themselves, as well as providing a boost to diverse local small retailers. This way we do not only contribute on a short, but on a long term to the future of Nigeria as well.

Donations to Saint Valentine's can be made to our Fortis Bank Account ( IBAN - BE18 0017  7724  0565, BIC - GEBABEBB) or to our Paypal account.

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