Saint Valentines vzw is a none for profit organization engaged in social and sports events in order to raise funds for humanitarian and material help for the less privileged in Nigeria, mainly children. To have a balanced world we must build every community, every city, every state, every country, for the survival of humanity lies in the hand of unity, understanding, peace and love, for more about Saint Valentines vzw please visit our ABOUT US page

Touching lives, inspiring love, care and a future to look towards for kids who are desperately in need of it. It was a pleasure to be of assistance to the kids of government primary school Calabar Nigeria.

We had to visit Hassan Usman model primary school in Modoji, Katsina again to check up on the kids and see how their education is going and of-course do what we do best, handling out free school materials to kids in need of it.

Saint Valentine VZW sends Santa to four primary schools

We are proud to announces that Saint Valentine VZW sent Santa to four primary schools in Edo State Nigeria. The kids who attend these schools have no privillege of any kind to see Santa (Their parents cannot afford such experience). At Saint Valentine VZW we do all we can to motivate and stimulate children to go to school. For us this was a channel to reach out to the children by send Santa to their schools, they get to meet Santa for the first time and recieve free school matterials for the upcoming school year. We manage to hand out 2800 free school materials which includes notebooks, pen, pencil, sharpner, eraser, ruler.

School Materials Donations

We organized a quiz for the students of the sixth grade, to encourage their bright young minds and distributed free school materials to kids at Hassan Usman Model Primary School at Modoji, Katsina State Nigeria. Nigeria has an abundance of young people - more than half of the population is under 30 and youth is the base of the future. Thanks to various donations, we were able to distribute locally purchased books and other school, and more importantly: Put a beautiful smile on the faces of many children :) Thanks to our many volunteers and to everyone who donated. Without you, this would not have been possible

Debate - Quiz

To commemorate the National Children's day in Nigeria May 27, 2017, Saint Valentine vzw is organizing a Primary School Debate/Quiz were different schools can participate for various prices. 

First School Material Donation

After a long hard work, we recently donated what we have to stimulate local businesses and gave out free school materials to those who need it, We bought a total of 3300 school materials from local traders in order to stimulate the local economy and small businesses, rather than to get cheaper school materials from a multinational/national company or from a wholesaler, we did this because we believe we can impact two problems with one project.. 

Our team is very motivated and happy with the result of this project, we look forward to doing more good and stand with the already lifted hands in making the world a better place

Visit our YOUTUBE page to preview the footage and our FACEBOOK page to preview footage and photos! 

First Sport Event Gent

Our first sports event Summer Slam 3x3 wasn't easy but it was successful. We had lots of positive feedback, we learnt a lot on how to better organize sports event in the future and how to manage time. We also learnt what type of food and drinks people prefer during future sports events and the need for more volunteer workers during events will definitely improve quality of service but in all the task that stood before us we can say we did good and the people who were present had fun and loved the BBQ and potatoes salad (more photos on our FACEBOOK page)

Donations to Saint Valentine's can be made to our Fortis Bank Account ( IBAN - BE18 0017  7724  0565, BIC - GEBABEBB) or to our Paypal account

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